Outback Legend

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This premium product contains: 0mg Nicotine

Ingredients: Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and natural extracts.

This is a blend of naturally extracted Black Cavendish and fire-cured dark Tobacco that is mildly sweet with a wonderful pipe tobacco flavour that is not overbearing nor too light, with a back note of boiled sweets. This exciting blend is flavoursome, subtle and mellow. A great every day vape! 

The Outback Legends, the much-revered people who made the Outback one of the most interesting and varied places on the planet, are fondly celebrated, remembered and honoured in Australia, whether you are bush born or city bred. In every case, we are united by the feats of these Outback pioneers that are truly extraordinary and inspiring, putting into context the difficulties faced in the development of the Outback, with fine works of art, glorious poetry or captivating stories. It all articulates and encapsulates a deep and abiding identity of what we feel ourselves to be.

Handcrafted in Goulburn NSW Australia using premium quality ingredients.

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