Shearer's Smoko

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This premium product contains: 0mg Nicotine

Ingredients: Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and natural extracts.

This medium full-bodied ejuice is made from Natural Extracts of Oriental tobacco favoured in the markets of Istanbul, that delivers on flavour with great fullness and a delectable savoury finish.

Sheep shearing is probably the most iconic activity in rural Australia. At the start of the wool industry in the early 19th century, sheep were shorn with blade shears, similar to garden clippers. The first authenticated daily tally (amount of sheep shorn in a single day) was 30 sheep by Tome Merely in 1835. By 1892, Jack Howe managed a tally of 321 sheep at Alice Downs in Queensland. The saying goes that Australia was built on the sheep’s back, but the wool industry was born on the back of the Shearer.

Handcrafted in Goulburn NSW Australia using premium quality ingredients.

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