The Grazier's Stash

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This full rich cigar style has a wonderful light leaf smooth wrapper with a rich and sweet nutty filler, that will appeal to not only the cigar lover but to those who enjoy a rich unctious flavour in their smoke. Nice throat hit. Ideal for those trying to give up nicotine.

The owner of a Station is known as a Grazier, or Pastoralist. In Australia, a large land holding used for livestock production is known as a ‘Station’, classed as either sheep stations or cattle stations which is, in turn, dependent upon the suitability of the country and the rainfall. Australian Stations can be thousands of square kilometres in area, with the nearest neighbour sometimes hundreds of kilometres away. Australia is often drought stricken and prone to devastating bush fires. There are many stresses affecting the Grazier and it is often a huge struggle to remain sustainable and profitable. An affinity for the land and a love for the animals you raise, is characteristic of successful Graziers who also play an important role in creating healthy ecosystems.

Handcrafted in Goulburn NSW Australia using premium quality ingredients.

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