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Deep in far western Queensland and the heart of wild and isolated country, the amazing frontier town of Birdsville sits at the end of the famous Birdsville Track. Situated on the eastern edge of the Simpson Desert, Birdsville is surrounded by the vast gibber plains of Sturt's Stony Desert to the south and rich Channel Country to the north. With a colourful past, Birdsville started as a rest stop and watering hole for cattle drovers moving their stock. Today, it’s a thriving modern community where visitors to outback Queensland can enjoy a cold drink at the iconic Birdsville Hotel, back a winner at the world-renowned Birdsville Races as part of the Simpson Desert Racing Carnival, or enjoy the amazing music of international artists at the Big Red Bash music festival. Watch the sun set over Big Red, the tallest sand dune in the Simpson Desert; the options to experience amazing outback adventures are endless. History buffs and tourists alike will enjoy exploring the Australian Inland Mission Hospital Museum or spending an unforgettable day with family and friends at the Birdsville Billabong, where birdlife, fish, yabbies, and marsupials abound.

Handcrafted in Goulburn NSW Australia using premium quality ingredients.

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