Homestead Brew

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The roots of this juice are buried in a tale I was told as a young kid. I don’t know the entire truth of it or of the tale. George came in from the paddock for a new tin of tobacco only to find that the store had sent out pouches instead of tins and the contents had dried out more than he was happy with. Sitting at the big table in the kitchen moaning about his displeasure and grumbling about having to transfer the contents of the pouch to his empty tin, his loving wife Ilene, who was as Irish as paddy’s pigs, tipped a small amount of Baileys into the tin promising it would not only moisten the dried out Tobacco but it would make it smell and taste a whole lot better. His mother-in-law who was busy with a Caramel steam pudding and not to be outdone decided it could do with just a touch of her offering as well and as the story goes that’s how homestead brew became a regular smoke for years to come. 

Handcrafted in Goulburn NSW Australia using premium quality ingredients.

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