About Us

In 2011 we decided to quit smoking. We tried literally everything. Cold turkey, patches, sprays, gums, you name it - nothing was working.

I managed to quit temporarily, though Natalie couldn’t, and before long we were both back on traditional cigarettes. About a year later, and after much frustration, we discovered a little known (deliberately hushed by the Australian government) alternative called Electronic Cigarettes.

We figured what the hey, we’ll have a go. We picked up vaping, and what an immediate change it made to our lives! After decades of smoking we managed to kick the nasty things! We were amazed by this vapor technology! One caveat we found rather quickly though, we didn’t so much enjoy the over-sweetened commercial ejuice on the market. It just wasn’t for our pallates.

So how would we fix this problem? Well, we began making our very own ejuice of course! We quickly discovered as mature adult vapers we enjoyed more mature flavourings, such as Tobacco, Coffee and Tea extracts. Not only were they natural, but they had a darn enjoyable tone to them as well! We were off the stinkers for good!

After some time perfecting our flavours, and having friends suggest we sell them, our passion for vaping ultimately encouraged us to begin this company. It is not our aim to shift people from smoking to vaping, but simply offer an alternative to lead to quitting altogether. Vaping is the ultimate transition mechanism to either give up nicotine altogether, or at least enjoy a much healthier lifestyle.

We believe Nature Knows Best when it comes to putting things into our bodies, So naturally we sourced only the best quality naturally extracted Tobacco, Tea and Coffee concentrates for our flavours. All of our ingredients are covered by Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) (available by request). Our liquids are all hand crafter in small batches under the most stringent conditions to ensure safety and freshness.

The Australian E Juice Company is a family run business we started to share our passion for vapor technology. Natalie and I would like nothing better than to welcome you to join us so that we might help you in your endeavor to get off the dreaded stinkers and be able to wish you a fond farewell when you have succeeded, knowing we’ve played but a part in helping you achieve your goal of a healthier lifestyle.